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BYXCO Premium Sharpening StonesThe Baryonyx Machete
The Kingfisher Machete
Special Grade Optional!
$64.98, 3/$129.96
Humboldt Spear Point Utility Shears
USA Made!
BYXCO Premium Counter-Bend Handle for Rinaldi "Trento" Axes
Fits No.3, No.4, and No.5 Heads
MSRP $79.98
Current Price $59.99
The Grimalkin
USA Made!
Regular Price $44.98
Our Price $33.74
Scale Kit For Grimalkin Knife
USA Made!
Regular price: $44.98
Introductory Price: $33.74
PetroCor Polymer Sheath Material
$14.49, 6/$32.60
The Longfellow Snath
Jackdaw Polymer Whetstone Holder
USA Made!
Sheath for Council Tool Flying Fox Hatchet
USA Made!
BYXCO PetroCor Axe Scabbard -- Large
USA Made!
BYXCO PetroCor Universal Axe Mask -- Large
USA Made!
BYXCO Axe Handle Dowel Wedges
USA Made!
BYXCO Hitching Post -- Knife & Tool Swivel Mount
USA Made!
BYXCO Hitching Post Universal Lashing Adapter
USA Made!

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