Victorinox "Little Vicky" Utility Knife

Victorinox "Little Vicky" Utility Knife
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Product Description

Let's not beat around the bush--you need one of these. And once you have one you'll want five more. These lovely little knives are some of the best do-alls in the kitchen for all of those little cutting tasks for which busting out your chef's knife or dedicated plain-edged paring knife are overkill.

The beautifully thin blade with its small and uniform serrations leaves surprisingly smooth and clean cuts on a myriad of targets. We all know that "petty knives"--as these knives are often called in culinary circles--often get used hard and the edges take a beating. The serrations help shield the edge from damage as only the points will dull when contacting hard objects like ceramic plates and dishes or being carelessly tossed in the sink.

While this model has been around for years, a nylon blade cover has been introduced to protect the blade when bumping around in a kitchen drawer, and now allows the knife to be easily tucked in a pack for food prep when camping or commuting!

We simply cannot impress upon you enough how useful these little gems are. Do yourself a favor and try one--we bet you'll be back for more!

Note: As these are shrink-bonded to a cardboard hanging card we inspect them without opening the packaging as there is no way to properly reseal them.

Blade Length: 3 and 1/4in

Overall Length: 7 and 1/8in

Steel: X55CrMo14 High Carbon Stainless

Weight: 0.9oz

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