Tramontina 12" Camp Machete

Tramontina 12" Camp Machete
Item# TT20012
Special Grade: 

Product Description

Tramontina machetes come from the factory with the scales not flush with the tang, an acceptable but unfinished edge, an as-stamped spine, and a rounded and unground tip. We've provided the option to bring them up to our standard.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will:

~Flush the scales with the tang

~Finish the edge to a thin convex, brought all the way to the point

~Grind the spine square for tinder shaving and fire steel striking

~Shape the tip to a fine point

Product Details:

Overall Length: 16 and 7/8"

Blade Length: 12"

Steel: 1070 High Carbon

Thickness: 1.25mm

Weight: 10.6oz

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