Svord Farmer's Knife

Svord Farmer's Knife
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Product Description

With a blade profile halfway between that of a skinner and a boning knife with the stiffness of a general use fixed blade, the Svord Farmer's knife is aptly named. Made to handle the myriad of tasks common around a farm or homestead, the Farmer's Knife is equally at home harvesting vegetables, cutting baling twine, dressing a chicken, or carving wooden forms to shape. This isn't a city knife! But if you work on a farm (hobby or pro), raise livestock, or grow vegetables, then this is the do-all knife for you! Comes with a heavy duty rubberized fabric sheath. A real favorite here at Baryonyx Knife Co.

Note: The handle on these has been slightly revised, though it is very similar. We consider it a change for the better.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.

Blade Length: 5 & 1/8"

Thickness: 2.4mm

Steel: 15N20 High Carbon

Overall Length: 9 & 3/4"

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