Stella Bianca 8" Flat Bastard File

Stella Bianca 8" Flat Bastard File
Item# 002P108


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Product Description

DUE TO ONGOING SUPPLY COMPLICATIONS we are currently unsure of when out-of-stock Angelo B./Stella Bianca products will next be available, though we have them on order. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive notice when we get them back in.

With a crisp double cut and one safe edge, these 8" flat files are an excellent choice for coarse metal removal. These babies easily bite into hardened steel without chatter and quickly generate piles of little curled steel shavings. The perfect choice for most filing tasks.

The quality of Stella Bianca files and rasps has proven, in our experience, to be on par with vintage American examples, and at a very reasonable price for their excellent performance. Hardened to a whopping 64 HRC!

Weight: 4.2oz

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