Snow and Nealley 3.5lb Axe

Snow and Nealley 3.5lb Axe
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Product Description

A full-sized axe head on a short handle for easy carry and excellent control. A very handy combination of weight vs. length when you need to trek a bit to your work site but have serious chopping to do when you get there. These are 100% USA made! The heads are forged by a contractor in the Mid-West and heat treated, finished, and hafted in Smyrna, Maine. Our family has an antique Snow and Nealley Hudson Bay and while there are small differences between them, the quality is pretty much on par. A leather mask is included, though it's very slightly short (by about 1/8") to fully cover the bit.

These come with what could best be considered a "courtesy grind" on them rather than a finished edge. If selecting the Special Grade option we will fully finish the edge so it's ready to use out of the box.

Head Dimensions: 7 and 3/8" x 4 and 1/4"

Steel: 1080 High Carbon

Overall Length: 29"

Weight: 4lbs 13.8oz

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