Simonds 10" Flat Maxi-Sharp Multi-Kut File -- Paddle Handle

Simonds 10" Flat Maxi-Sharp Multi-Kut File -- Paddle Handle
Item# SIMONDS-5891

Product Description

Simonds' signature Multi-Kut file series features a diamond shaped series of chip breaker grooves to minimize clogging and yielding a smooth finish with a rapid cut. This deluxe file has been given a black oxide coating to further assist in preventing loading and as a protective layer against rust, ensuring your file stays at its maximum sharpness. The paddle style tang permits a pack-friendly low profile without the need for a separate grip. One safe edge.

While made in Honduras rather than the USA like Simonds files of old, we can confirm that these files are of good quality, and live up to their stated target hardness of 65-67 RC, being able to cut the 58 RC bits of Rinaldi axes with ease, despite many files on the market failing this test. We do not hesitate to recommend these files.

Overall Length: 13 and 1/2"

Width: 1"

Weight: 10.8 oz

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