Scythe Grinding Service

Scythe Grinding Service
Already have an American scythe and just need a fresh edge? We can help! Scythe grinding is its own discipline, and as specialists in the American scythe we have all the gear that's needed to correct misshapen profiles and restore a traditional hollow-ground bevel to your blades, drastically improving mowing performance.

A basic regrind of a previously sharpened blade with no other services is a mere $10 plus return shipping. A regrind of a blade that is in vintage as-found condition is $1 per inch of edge length, with a minimum charge of $20. Other available services include full electrolytic rust removal, protective clear-coating, tang angle adjustment, crown adjustment, and twist correction. For a quote on a packaged service deal, email us at with a description of your blade's condition (photos encouraged) and the work you would like to have done on it. Nothing cuts like a freshly ground blade!

Twist and bend correction is not guaranteed a satisfactory result. Some blades may crack during correction if the twist or bend is too severe.

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