Universal Billhook and Machete Holster

Universal Billhook and Machete Holster
Item# RINALDI_148


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Product Description

Billhooks are a real challenge to design sheaths for, and the Italians long ago came up with this ingenious solution.

Simply called a "portaroncola" or "gancio" ("billhook carrier" or "hook" respectively) this spring steel belt hook allows the user to holster everything from billhooks to machetes and chopping knives. The blade is simply slipped through the "gate" and is held securely in place by the handle, which is unable to slide out through the narrow opening. Low profile and lightweight, this holster is perfect for those moments when you need both hands and don't want to toss your tool in the grass or dirt.

Fits virtually any billhook, machete, or chopping knife so long as the blade is thinner than 9mm (0.35") and the width of the handle where it meets the blade is 1.8" or less. Accepts belts up to roughly 1.7" wide.


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