Rinaldi "Trento" Felling Axe

Rinaldi "Trento" Felling Axe
Item# RINALDI_307N5M
Special Grade: 

Product Description

An intimidatingly large felling axe with a massive bit, you'd be hard pressed to miss with this one! The eye is tapered and the handle slipped through the top like the handle of a tomahawk or pickaxe, making it easy to fashion a new one in the event of breakage. 1300g head.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.

Head Dimensions: 8 and 1/4" x 9 and 1/4"

Overall Length: 34 and 3/4"

Steel: Silicon Manganese Spring Steel at 58RC

Weight: 4lb 1.2oz


BYXCO Premium Counter-Bend Handle for Rinaldi "Trento" Axes
Fits No.3, No.4, and No.5 Heads
MSRP $79.98
Current Price $59.99

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