Rinaldi Peening Hammer

Rinaldi Peening Hammer
Item# RINALDI_711G500M
Special Grade: 

Product Description

An exceptional hammer for use with narrow-faced peening anvils, the 500g head features well-hardened faces that hold up under use on even very hard anvils. The generously domed surface aids in blending hammer marks together for a uniform bevel.

The dual faces come with a satin polish, and while perfectly usable as-is we prefer to bring the finish up to a near-mirror brightness for peak performance. If selecting the Special Grade option we will dress the faces to bring them to that level of polish.

Note: Despite the opinion of a notable scything authority we do not condone the use of a peening anvil with American pattern scythe blades for a number of reasons. For those interested in the technical reason behind this, please see our detailed explanation HERE.


Rinaldi Tall Peening Anvil
Special Grade Optional!

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