Rinaldi "Genova" Axe

Rinaldi "Genova" Axe
Item# RINALDI_314N00M
Special Grade: 


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Product Description

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A distinctive pattern with a lot of unique features to offer, this axe is sure to please! A broad bit for its weight, the fairly straight edge and large striking surface makes wood shaping tasks a snap, and the offset of the bit relative to the eye allows the user to easily choke up on the head for precise work. The eye is tapered and the handle slipped through the top like the handle of a tomahawk or pickaxe, making it easy to fashion a new one in the event of breakage. 400g head.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.

Head Dimensions: 4 and 1/4" x 7"

Overall Length: 18 and 1/4"

Steel: Silicon Manganese Spring Steel at 58RC

Weight: 1lb 10.6oz

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