Rinaldi Deluxe "American" Axe--10" Handle

Rinaldi Deluxe "American" Axe--10" Handle
Item# RINALDI_302N0MN11
Special Grade: 

Product Description

A distinguished variation of the iconic "trade axe" pattern historically produced by North America and Europe for export to Central and South America, this handy compact axe packs some serious features into a small package! In contrast to many axes of this type, the head features a small flat-faced poll. While the eye of this axe is tapered to be compatible with slip-fit handles, this deluxe version is affixed to an oil-finished wedged handle. The head has been given a blackened finish and the edge brought to a higher polish than the standard version. Great for carving! 500g head.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will further thin and refine the factory edge.

Head Dimensions: 3 and 7/8" x 7 and 1/8""

Overall Length: 10 and 1/2"

Steel: Silicon Manganese Spring Steel at 58RC

Weight: 1lb 7.6oz

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