Replacement Lower Nib

Replacement Lower Nib
Item# SMR-SP-16UB
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Product Description

Nibs (side handles) are one of the most commonly damaged components of vintage snaths, usually from splitting of the wood due to over-tightening in an attempt to clamp down the nib band on a section of wood that has either shrunken or become crushed. The next most common issue is that the nib band and threaded rod have become severely corroded and weakened. Still other units may be missing a nib entirely!

In any instance where the nib needs to be replaced, a good vintage one can be hard to find! Fortunately Seymour Manufacturing still makes these ones! Features an iron band and threaded rod, aluminum block, and hardwood grip, with a traditional left-handed thread (turn left to tighten and right to loosen!) to prevent loosening from use.

This nib is sized to function as the lower grip for most snaths, though it may be both the upper and lower ones on aluminum snaths due to their lack of taper. The inner diameter is about 1.5" as it comes from the factory, but the loop may be hammered smaller or slightly larger. If desired, we may be able to do this resizing for you for a small additional fee--write us at to inquire!

Made in the USA!

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