Recycled Hard Polymer Mallet

Recycled Hard Polymer Mallet
Item# BYX-Mallet


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Product Description

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Made in-house from melted down scrap left over from making our PetroCorô HDPE sheaths, these mallets are great for fitting axe handles, striking chisels or leatherworking punches and rivet setters, assembling furniture, driving tent stakes, or any other task where a firm but non-marring hammer with a broad striking face is desired. Competitively priced against similarly sized polymer mallets on the market, these do have some degree of variability in size and often have cosmetic blemishes that don't impair their function, but they get the job done nicely! USA-made HDPE polymer fitted with USA-made hickory blind-wedged handles. Average head weight 1lb, striking face diameter 3".

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