Restoration Commission 2 -- Grass Blade

Restoration Commission 2 -- Grass Blade
Item# ScytheRestoration2

Product Description


This listing is for a functional restoration of the pictured scythe. Each of these projects we undertake requires about 8-12 hours of continuous labor, not including downtime waiting for things like adhesives used in the restoration to dry and cure. Once we start work on your restoration, expected turn-around time is about two weeks, and orders may not be canceled once work has begun. Please plan accordingly when placing your order.

The restoration work will be functional rather than cosmetic, and elements like the wood finish may show changes in coloration where worked. Rust removal will not be performed except by wire brush on parts requiring it for proper operation. The edge as supplied will have a burr from grinding that will require removal with a honing stone before the edge will stabilize. Some components such as nib grips may be replaced with new parts as needed.

Please be sure to tell us the height of the intended user and intended use in the comments field of the order so that the tang angle and nib positions may be adjusted for your height. Bear in mind that traditional wooden snaths are best fit to users 5' 11" in height or shorter.

Blade: North Wayne Tool Co.(?) Grass Blade, Whole Steel, 32" Long

Snath: Derby & Ball No.50, Light Type, w/Swing Socket Heel Plate, 57" Long

Notes: The Derby & Ball No.50 swing socket heel plate snath is the gold standard of American snaths, and especially ones of this vintage. The end diameter being only 1.5" rather than the usual 2", this is a good lightweight grass snath. The blade, though the manufacturer stamp is partial, appears to be of the great North Wayne Tool Co., and is marked "ALL STEEL" indicating it is not of laminated construction. At 32" in length, it is an impressive grass blade for all-purpose volume mowing.

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