Otter Messer Desk Knife

Otter Messer Desk Knife
Item# OTT505
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Product Description

Historically known as a steel eraser, knives like this were commonly used to scrape ink from the surface of paper to remove errors or smudges, and one would have been found in the writing desk of any respectable gentleman or lady. However, they also come in handy for assorted other office and household tasks. Frequently misidentified as a scalpel, the pen-like shape of these knives allows them to make very precise cuts much like a craft knife. They're quite handy for stencil cutting and other delicate tasks, as well as sharpening pencils or as a marking knife for scribing timber. Rosewood oval handle.

Overall Length: 6 and 7/16"

Blade Length: 2 and 1/4"

Steel: 4034 Stainless

Thickness: 2mm

Weight: 0.6oz

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