North Star Scythe Ring -- Bell Form

North Star Scythe Ring -- Bell Form
Item# NS-R2

Product Description

An exceptionally durable and secure ring for fastening scythe blades to snaths, the North Star scythe ring is cut from a solid billet of steel for superior strength where it is needed most. By using a set screw on the top of the ring as opposed to the bottom, it is able to function like the loop bolt of American snaths, for an unshakable grip that will not slip even in heavy mowing. The floating bearing plate distributes the clamping force of the screw, acting like the jaw of a powerful vise. May be used on its own, or in conjunction with our North Star heel plate for more convenient hang adjustment. Proudly USA-made!

Intended for snaths with an end diameter of 1.25". Wider, flared base for compatibility with broad, European-style tangs when used with our North Star heel plate.

Weight: 4.2oz


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