Mora #510

Mora #510
Item# FT01230
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Our price: $12.75
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Product Description

The classic is back! A slim, light, and economical model, the #510 has long been considered an essential for every outdoorsman. Though it lacks this celebrity status in Sweden that it has in North America, Mora has caved to demand and revived the model. While more expensive than the #511, this is because they cannot use the same automated processes in its manufacture.

Great as a neck knife or for tucking in emergency kits!

If selecting the Special Grade option we will square the spine for tinder shaving and sparking ferro rods.

Overall Length: 8 and 1/8"

Blade Length: 3 and 3/4"

Steel: 1095 High Carbon

Thickness: 2mm

Weight: 2.4 oz.


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