MAM Light Hunter

MAM Light Hunter
Item# MAM70
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Our price: $26.99
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Product Description

Reminiscent of what you'd get if an Opinel and a Mora scout knife had a baby, this ultra-light bowie style fixed blade has a lot going for it! The guard, while thin, is quite sturdy, and is of a size and shape that keeps it out of the way for most common uses. The tang-and-ferrule construction is similar to that found on hay forks, and allows the hidden partial tang to be exceptionally strong while keeping the weight of the knife low. While the blade is substantial in length, it somehow manages to handle like a much shorter knife, and the full flat grind on thin stock yields fantastic cutting performance. Comes with a very high quality leather sheath with a snap retention, riveted reinforcements, and the wonderful, nostalgic smell of an old-fashioned leather shoe shop.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.

Blade Length: 5 and 1/4"

Overall Length: 9 and 5/8"

Spine Thickness: 1.5mm

Steel: Stainless

Handle Material: Beech

Weight: 2.6oz

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