Svord Kiwi Machete

Svord Kiwi Machete
Item# SVKM
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Product Description

Displaying nearly a full foot of 15N20 high carbon steel (similar to legendary L6) the Svord Kiwi machete is one quality blade! The fantastic ergonomics of the Kiwi series polypropylene handle makes it a joy to use, and is well suited to a wide variety of grips. The hefty 1/8"-thick blade features a hollow primary grind for a deep bite, and We provide the option to have the edge brought to a fine convex in-house to assure peak performance. A yellow deep-carry sheath of heavyweight double layered polyurethane-coated fabric (similar to what dry bags and rain slicks are made of) is included. While able to be carried on the belt, we find the design best suited for carry in a pack. A high performance chopper that hits hard for its size and weight!

Blade Length: 11 & 5/8"

Overall Length: 17 & 5/8"

Steel: 15N20 High Carbon

Thickness: 1/8"

Weight: 1.05 lbs.

Sheath: Yellow Rubber-Coated Fabric

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