The Kingfisher Machete -- PRE-ORDER

The Kingfisher Machete -- PRE-ORDER
Item# KingfisherMachete
$64.98, 3/$129.96
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Product Description

The second run of Kingfisher Machetes is here!

We're working as quickly as we can to get them all out the door, but are filling orders in the sequence they were received. As such, please be aware that there is a lead time on order fulfillment. We advise that you NOT order if you need the item to arrive by a particular date, such as a holiday or birthday.
Because of this delay, the pre-order status will remain in effect until we're fully caught up on all outstanding orders. All pre-orders are charged at the time the order is placed. Thanks for your patience!

A machete purpose-built for standing strong in uncertain times. Machetes have long seen use across the globe in times of crisis, but until now none have been designed expressly for this purpose. The distal-tapered high carbon steel blade is rigid and unyielding to pressure, and is long enough to offer advantageous reach while remaining short enough to be manageable in cramped quarters. The point of balance is just 3.5" in front of the American hickory handle, which features a full-length grip below the finger notch to accommodate small or large hands alike. Intended to be as economical as possible, so that you may feasibly afford to outfit an entire group, the Kingfisher is not furnished with a sheath, and is ripe for customization to make it uniquely yours.

As supplied from the factory, the Kingfisher sports a nearly-finished "courtesy grind" to speed the final sharpening process for the end user. If selecting the Special Grade option we will grind and hone the forward edge so that it is ready for action right out of the box. If selecting the Special Grade Plus option we will also perform this work to the partial back edge, which is otherwise unsharpened. Please note that the fine point of this machete is intended for penetrating cut-resistant soft targets, and is not intended to withstand prying forces or hard impacts with unyielding materials. Made with pride in El Salvador.

Overall Length: 31"

Blade Length: 23 and 1/2"

Steel: 1075 High Carbon

Thickness: 3.2mm distal tapered to 1.85mm

Weight: 1lb 12oz

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