PetroCor Polymer Sheath Material

PetroCor Polymer Sheath Material
Item# HDPE30
$14.49, 6/$32.60

Product Description

Our PetroCor™ sheath material is a premium USA-made high density polyethylene polymer (HDPE) in 60mil thickness (0.06"). UV-stabilized and with the flexibility of stiff leather, this quality polymer material is like a hybrid of leather and Kydex™. Abrasion- and cut-resistant (HDPE is literally what cutting boards are made of!), HDPE remains ductile down to -94° F (-70° C), which makes it impervious to even the most extreme cold weather, unlike Kydex™, which is prone to cracking, and will not stain or retain moisture like leather, yet also resists many strong chemicals, including DEET. Can be punched and stitched like leather, and (with proper sheath design and fastener placement) can be used to make safe and secure stitch- and welt-free sheaths using rapid rivets or eyelets like Kydex™.

Like Kydex™
•Impervious to water. Will not absorb fluids or stain.
•Exceptional cut resistance.
•Resistant to most chemicals, including DEET.
•Compatible with stitchless/weltless sheath construction.
•Thermoformable (though not to so high a degree as Kydex™.)

Like Leather
•Punchable (with sufficiently sharp tools.)
•Durable in sub-zero temperatures.
•Forms to the shape of the tool over time.

30" (2.5') wide, sold by the foot (approximately 2.5 square feet per unit.)

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