Friedrich Dick Lamb Skinner

Friedrich Dick Lamb Skinner
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Product Description

A traditional butcher's pattern, the lamb skinner is very likely the style of knife off of which George Sears based his now-famous "Nessmuk" knife design. Not only is it of similar appearance, but of similar use as well--primarily for skinning of small- to medium-sized game and general food prep. This modern polymer-handled variation is part of Friedrich Dick's "Ergo Grip" line for professional butchers and reminds us here at Baryonyx Knife Co. of what you would get if Mora made a Nessmuk knife! The handle lives up to its name, and is of unparalleled comfort in a wide variety of grips, and the thin full flat ground blade is probably more similar to George Sears' original knife than many Nessmuk-style knives that are on the popular market today. A tremendous bargain for an exceptionally well-made tool.

Blade Length: 5"

Overall Length: 10"

Thickness: 2.46mm

Steel: X55CrMo14 High Carbon Stainless

Weight: 4.4 oz.

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