Friedrich Dick All-Pupose Mini File

Friedrich Dick All-Pupose Mini File
Item# FD-11021000

Product Description

While best known in the USA for their industrial culinary and butcher's knives, Friedrich Dick was originally founded as a file manufacturer all the way back in 1778, and their legacy extends to the modern day.

A brilliant little file easily stashed in a pocket or pack, this gem lives up to its name. Smaller than a full sized hand file, yet more robust and aggressive than a needle file. Just the right length to still get serious work done and narrow enough to get into tight spaces, we think one of these belongs in every tool kit. The PVC-dipped handle gives a cushioned and comfortable grip. FD uses a double "special cut" on this file, with a coarse pattern on one face and a fine on the other, with one safe edge. Made in Germany.

Nominal Length: 4"

Overall Length: 8 and 5/8"

Section: 3/8" x 3/16"

Weight: 2oz

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