Focalink Ocarina--Plastic Soprano in C--Green

Focalink Ocarina--Plastic Soprano in C--Green
Item# FocaSPCGreen


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Product Description

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These plastic models by renowned Taiwanese ocarina maker, Focalink, offer an excellent alternative to traditional ceramic models and are lightweight and impact resistant, making them perfect for tossing in a pack or around the neck when heading out and about.

The soprano is the smaller of the two models, and is easily pocketable. The sound carries quite nicely outdoors.

This 12 hole Sweet Potato Ocarina, key of A5-F7, is tuned in the key of C and can go below C down to the A. This ocarina is virtually indestructible, and has excellent tone and pitch, especially for a plastic instrument. A scale chart and box are included.

For structured practice, we suggest the Mezzetti Ocarina Tutor --one of the most thorough practice books written for the ocarina, if a bit vintage!

Please note that due to the process used to form these ocarinas there are small marks resembling thin scratches around the holes. These are normal and do not affect the excellent performance of the instrument.

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