Customized North Star Grass Snath -- Commission

Customized North Star Grass Snath -- Commission
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This listing is to commission the production of a snath like the one shown. Please allow time for the work to be completed.

Made using one of the only 5 usable snath blanks Seymour has made in the last 3 years (and requiring 60 failed staves to produce) the shown snath is a wonderfully light grass snath for general purpose mowing. The ravages of the emerald ash borer have led to most available ash being sub-grade for producing these elegant steam-bent snaths, and we were lucky to get the ones that we did! Outfitted with our North Star hardware as found on our Longfellow snath.

Made with pride 100% in the USA!

Note: The specifications shown are for one example we made previously. Actual finished stats will vary.

Weight: 2lb 7oz

Overall Length: 58 and 1/4"

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