Council Tool Sport Utility Saddle Axe -- "Grade B"

Council Tool Sport Utility Saddle Axe -- "Grade B"
Item# SaddleAxeB
Regular price: $66.43
Our price: $39.86
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Product Description

A compact powerhouse, the Council Tool saddle axe features double bits optimized for different functions: one thick for splitting, chopping hard, dry branches, cutting roots, and other heavy or potentially damaging work, and the other thin for efficient chopping and carving. An excellent foundation for a classic "Nessmuk trio"!

The only thing wrong with this example is a gouge from a forging blemish in the heel of the bit on one side that the grinding worker had tried unsuccessfully removing through grinding, resulting in a lopsided bevel at the very heel of the bit with a small amount of the blemish still visible. A purely cosmetic issue.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.

Head Dimensions: 3 and 1/8" x 7"

Head Weight: 1lb 12.2oz (2lb nominal)

Overall Weight: 2lb 5.4oz

Overall Length: 15 and 1/4" (16" nominal)

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