Cold Steel Smatchet Machete

Cold Steel Smatchet Machete
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Product Description

SMATCHET! A legend of the knife world, just saying the name aloud makes honey badgers rain from the sky. The almighty smatchet wields a power that few mortals can command. The hole in the ozone layer? Put there when someone accidentally pointed a smatchet at the sky. Atlantis? Sank beneath the waves when someone dropped a smatchet on it.

Yes, the smatchet is a little over the top, but we all deserve a little fun in our lives, don't we? Many companies have tried to bring smatchets to the masses, with varying degrees of success, but Cold Steel is the first to put out a version of Col. Rex Applegate's iconic design in an affordable machete form. The convenient size and form of the leaf-shaped blade makes it well suited to a variety of chopping and slashing tasks, while the weight and balance give it lively handling. The polypropylene grip is nicely contoured for comfort in extended use.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.

If selecting the Special Grade Plus option we will also sharpen the partial back edge.

Blade Length: 14"

Overall Length: 19 and 3/4"

Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel

Weight: 23 oz

Blade Thickness: 2.8mm

Sheath: Cor-Ex™ panel-reinforced nylon

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