Cold Steel Cutlass Machete

Cold Steel Cutlass Machete
Item# CS97DRMS
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Product Description

The Cold Steel Bush Cutlass is an excellent example of a sword/machete hybrid that's as much fun for woods work as it is for backyard recreational cutting. The knuckle guard is unique in the industry, featuring a steel core under the polypropylene exterior. Like many of Cold Steel's more recent machete models, the Bush Cutlass features a factory-sharpened edge. While suitable for use out of the box, this edge is relatively coarse with a prominent burr and is often uneven. As a result, we offer this model with not just one, but two Special Grade options.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will:
~Thin, even out, and polish the factory edge
~Square the spine for fire steel striking and tinder shaving

If selecting the Special Grade Plus option we will also sharpen the clip of the point!

Steel: 1055 Carbon

Weight: 1 lb. 15.6 oz.

Thickness: 2.8 mm

Blade Length: 24"

Overall Length: 30"

Sheath: Cor-Ex

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