Cold Steel Bowie Machete

Cold Steel Bowie Machete
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Making a triumphant return to the Cold Steel line, the Bowie Machete represents a hybrid of two popular styles--the short machete and large camp knife. At just shy of 1/8" thick, the 12" blade is both heavier than the typical compact machete while still being lighter and leaner than most large camp knives. A tremendously useful and economical choice that offers an interesting mix of advantages for anyone in need of a small and nimble chopper that still strikes with authority.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will:

~Sharpen the unedged 2" at the base of the blade
~Thin and refine the factory edge
~Square the spine for fire steel striking and tinder shaving

If selecting the Special Grade Plus option we will also sharpen the clip point.

Blade Length: 12"

Overall Length: 17 5/8"

Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel

Weight: 14.3 oz

Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm

Handle: 5 and 5/8"

Sheath: Cor-Ex™

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