Cognet Giant Douk Douk

Cognet Giant Douk Douk
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Product Description

The Douk-Douk, named for the Polynesian mythic figure depicted on its handle, is a slim folding knife with a rich history that's made the same way today as when Cognet introduced it back in 1929. Intended as a simple, hard-use knife for the working man, it was exported extensively to the French colonies, where it saw great (and continued!) popularity. This giant rendition of the iconic knife is a particularly spectacular model! Premium features of the Giant that aren't seen on the standard editions of the knife include a mirror polish to the blued handle, and doming of the handle frame to provide a more hand-filling grip.

The Turkish clip point of the blade is ideal for general utility, and features a slight hollow grind and an attractive arabesque electro-etched on its face side. Its simple design, consisting of only 6 parts (blade, handle, bale, spring, and 2 rivets) allows it to shrug off the hardest use and its slim profile carries easily in a pocket. The tang is a half-stop design which, combined with the strong back spring, provides a degree of safety against accidental closure.

Blade Length: 4 and 5/16"

Overall Length: 10 and 1/4"

Steel: AFNOR XC75 High Carbon

Thickness: 3.6mm

Weight: 4.8 oz.

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