BYXCO "Trento" Axe Handle -- "Grade B"

BYXCO "Trento" Axe Handle -- "Grade B"
Item# TrentoHandleB
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Product Description

An ultra-premium handle made in the USA of top grade hickory. These handles of our own design feature a counter-bend in the neck much like an adze handle, done in just the right way to balance the axe in the hands. These handles will fit the Rinaldi "Trento" and "Normale" pattern heads in No.3, No.4, and No.5 sizes. The only thing wrong with these examples is there's more runout in the grain than we consider acceptable for such a premium handle and/or may have minor blemishes (like small knots) in the wood. We subjected the very worst one of the batch to destructive testing and it took an incredible amount of abuse before finally failing and all of these examples are nicer than that!

Overall Length: 34 and 3/8"

Avg. Weight: 1lb 8oz

Tongue Dimensions: 1 and 3/16" x 2"

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