BYXCO "Manticore" Abrasive File

BYXCO "Manticore" Abrasive File
Item# BYX-U188Manticore

Product Description

An ultra-coarse stone for serious forming, repair, and reprofiling work, the Manticore series of sharpening stones has a bite like no other. Made with ultra-coarse silicon carbide in a homogeneous 80/20 ratio of tough black and friable green varieties in a ceramic bond of carefully tuned hardness. The result is a stone the cuts quickly and aggressively, but without an excessive wear rate. Proudly made in the USA!

This stone is particularly useful for use on dirty or rusty tools that would blunt a conventional file, and on tools too hard for a file to bite. Unlike a file, it can also cut in both directions. Even once the teeth are worn completely away, this stone will continue to cut with great aggression.

Abrasive Type: Black Silicon Carbide (80%), Green Silicon Carbide (20%)

Grit: 260 Micron (FEPA F 60 | ANSI 60 | JIS 60)

Cut Finish: Extra Coarse

Cut Speed: Ultra Fast

Bond Strength: Medium-Hard

Dimensions: 10" x 1 and 5/16" x 9/16"

Weight: 7.2oz


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