BYXCO "Arctic Fox" Oval Micro Hone

BYXCO "Arctic Fox" Oval Micro Hone


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Product Description

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A miniature oval stone in our acclaimed Arctic Fox sapphire ceramic blend, this icy blue stone will bring an edge to a hazy mirror finish that easily shaves. These stones may be costly for their small size due to the hand finishing required to make them, but they do a wonderful job of touching up hook knives, gouges, adzes, loppers, serrated knives, and other tools with difficult to hone edges.

Readily absorbs and retains water, with a thin film on the surface to keep the pores of the stone free of metal fines. Cuts quickly, yet leaves a fine finish.

Abrasive Type: Blue Synthetic Sapphire (Aluminum Oxide)

Grit: 22 Micron (FEPA F 360 | ANSI 400 | JIS 700)

Cut Finish: Fine

Cut Speed: Fast

Bond Strength: Medium-Hard

Dimensions: 3 and 1/2" x 1/2" x 3/8"

Weight: 0.3oz

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