"Beater" Bargain Blades

"Beater" Bargain Blades
Item# ScytheBeaterBlades
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Product Description

Want a blade with a properly ground edge but don't need it pretty? These blades are for you. In our acquisition of top quality blades we often end up with a few that are a bit banged up but have plenty of life left in them. Common flaws include welded or brazed repairs to tangs, small holes in the rib from improper contact grinding, or other similar condition issues. They may not win any awards in the looks department, but they make a great bargain on a blade that's actually sharp like it should be!

If requesting tang adjustment please let us know your measurements (hip socket to floor and elbow to outstretched fingertip) in the comments section of the order so we can best approximate the correct angle. Knowing the degrees of lift in the neck of your snath and the expected mowing conditions are also helpful.

If selecting the rough grind option we will fully bevel the blade, but with a coarse finish that requires final deburring and honing before being ready to mow. If selecting the deluxe fine option we will bring the bevel to a finer polish and perform final honing so that the blade is ready to mow out of the box.

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