BYXCO "Ptarmigan" Bench Stone

BYXCO "Ptarmigan" Bench Stone
Item# BYX-ALC1200-OV

Product Description

Made from high-purity white aluminum oxide in a ceramic bond, this stone produces a highly polished edge suitable for push-cutting tools. Cuts rapidly with excellent feedback and light slurry-forming ability. By varying if it is used wet, damp, or dry, the performance qualities can be altered depending on if you are apexing, refining, or polishing your edge. Made with pride in the USA!

Abrasive Type: High-Purity White Aluminum Oxide

Grit: 3 Micron (FEPA F 1200 | ANSI FFFF+ | JIS 4000)

Bond: Medium

Cut Finish: Extra Fine

Cut Speed: Fast

Weight: 1lb 2oz

Length: 8"

Width: 2"

Thickness: 1"

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