BYXCO "Manticore" Bench Stone

BYXCO "Manticore" Bench Stone

Product Description

An ultra-coarse stone for serious forming, repair, and reprofiling work, the Manticore series of sharpening stones has a bite like no other. Made with ultra-coarse silicon carbide in a homogeneous 80/20 ratio of tough black and friable green varieties in a ceramic bond of carefully tuned hardness. The result is a stone the cuts quickly and aggressively, but without an excessive wear rate. Proudly made in the USA!

Abrasive Type: Black Silicon Carbide (80%), Green Silicon Carbide (20%)

Grit: 260 Micron (FEPA F 60 | ANSI 60 | JIS 60)

Cut Finish: Extra Coarse

Cut Speed: Ultra Fast

Bond Strength: Medium-Hard

Dimensions: 8" x 2" x 1"

Weight: 1lb 2.6oz

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