The Baryonyx Machete

The Baryonyx Machete
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Product Description

The culmination of years of experience and careful design refinement, the Baryonyx (meaning "Heavy Claw") is one of the few machetes on the market designed specifically for use in the North American temperate zones.

An independent demonstration by one of our esteemed customers:

Intended as a versatile do-all, the tool is loaded with features that quickly become apparent in use. The primary edge is used for the bulk of your general chopping tasks, and features a continuous curve to the edge for rocking or drawing cuts. The back hook gives a sickle like blade for cutting grasses, brambles, woody stemmed plants, and any other target that would be prone towards slipping off the edge of a conventional blade. The bifurcated tip allows for a usable point for detail work, a striking zone for batoning or a handhold for draw/push-knifing, and acts like an extension of the arm for pushing brush out of the way. The symmetrical handle allows either edge to be used in the forward-facing position depending on the needs of the situation, and is long enough to be used two-handed if desired. Made from polypropylene injection molded directly onto the full tang, the handle is nearly indestructible, and impervious to the elements. Comes with a high quality leather sheath. Made with pride in El Salvador.

The stock edge is tuned for rough "survival"-type use and performs quite well, but if desiring even higher performance while being willing to sacrifice a small degree of "insurance" against edge damage, we offer the option to have the edge brought to a thinner "racing edge" with a higher polish.

Overall Length: 23 and 1/4""

Blade Length: 16"

Steel: 1075 High Carbon

Thickness: 2.2mm

Weight: 1lb 10oz

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