Baryonyx Knife Co.

Works of our own in-house design or modification, and hand-picked standard items of above-average quality!

BYXCO Premium Sharpening StonesThe Baryonyx Machete
Our Signature Design!
MSRP: $89.98
Current Price: $69.98
The Kingfisher Machete -- PRE-ORDER
PRE-ORDER for 3rd Production Run
$64.98, 3/$129.96
Modified MorasHumboldt Spear Point Utility Shears
USA Made!
MSRP: $64.98
Introductory Pricing: $48.40
BYXCO Premium Counter-Bend Handle for Rinaldi "Trento" Axes
Fits No.3, No.4, & No.5 Heads
MSRP $79.98
Current Price $59.99
HDPE Polymer Sheath Material
$10.28, 6/$30.84
The Grimalkin
USA Made!
MSRP $44.98
Introductory Pricing $33.74
The Grimalkin -- Unmarked
Limited Release!
The Longfellow Snath
MSRP $159.98
Introductory Price $119.98
Jackdaw Polymer Whetstone Holder
USA Made!
Sheath for Council Tool Flying Fox Hatchet
USA Made!
BYXCO Axe Handle Dowel Wedges
USA Made!
Scale Kit For Grimalkin Knife
USA Made!
Regular price: $44.98
Introductory Price: $33.74

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