Angelo B. "Cantoniere" Meadow Hook

Angelo B. "Cantoniere" Meadow Hook
Item# ANGELO_15-07-00
Special Grade: 

Product Description

Used for clearing thick grasses and lush vegetation from the edges of roads and overgrown plots, this large sickle-like tool is used in conjunction with a small hand rake in the off hand to tension and gather the vegetation to be cut. Lightweight, silent, and precise, the meadow hook is an affordable alternative to a scythe for smaller spaces or where portability is a high priority. Features a blunt "stone point" to protect against hard impacts in use.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.

Suggested uses: Slashing and trimming of tall grasses and soft vegetation.

Blade Length: 14"

Overall Length: 25"

Thickness: 2.15mm

Weight: 15oz


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