American Scythe Snath Blank

American Scythe Snath Blank
Item# SMR-CP31903
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Product Description

Have a vintage scythe snath with good hardware but cracked, rotted, or weathered wood? Feel like building your own snath to the taper and offset you desire? These premium steam bent white ash snath blanks allow you to put together a snath just the way you want it.

Supplied in their rough form, these blanks are smooth-sanded but of uneven taper, and will need some work done with a spokeshave or rasp to true them up. As they come, they are heavily built in a manner that would be suitable for hard brush removal, but can be slimmed down beautifully for grass work.

End Diameter: 1 and 7/8"

Approx. Weight: 2lb 11oz.

Ave. Length: 57" (collar, when fitted, adds length.)

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Hafting Collar for No.1 Snaths
Regular price: $32.06
Our price: $24.05
Replacement Upper Nib
Replacement Lower Nib

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