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BYXCO Axe Handle Dowel Wedges
USA Made!
BYXCO PetroCor Axe Scabbard -- Large
USA Made!
Regular price: $39.98
Introductory Price $29.98
The Grimalkin
USA Made!
Regular Price $44.98
Our Price $33.74
IMACASA 5lb Round Eye Axe -- Head Only
Special Grade Optional!
Regular price: $49.67
Our price: $37.25
Scythes and AccessoriesThe Kingfisher Machete
Special Grade Optional!
$64.98, 3/$129.96
Myerchin Stainless Steel Marlin Spike
Regular price: $24.95
Our price: $18.71
Council Tool Sport Utility Jersey--Curved Handle
Special Grade Optional!
Regular price: $68.43
Our price: $51.17
Grinding Point For American Scythes
USA Made!


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Recent changes by USPS has led to certain items now incurring an oversized item surcharge. If UPS or FedEx shipping are acceptable alternatives we will now offer this as an alternative shipping method, as the shipping charged through the site has roughly equated UPS and FedEx pricing in most cases. We are working hard to expand our shipping options as a result of this change, but it will take us a little time to account for logistical matters.

Due to high order volume, be aware that order fulfillment may take longer than our usual 3-5 day turnaround. Thank you for your patience!


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