Victorinox Farmer

Victorinox Farmer
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Product Description

Every Tool Hand Inspected!

One of the most popular Swiss Army Knives for serious woods use, the Victorinox Farmer combines the following tools into a light, tough, and compact package:

Robust Knife Blade
Phillips Screwdriver
Can Opener with Small Screwdriver
Bottle Opener with Screwdriver
Wire Stripper
Key Ring
Wood Saw

The knife blade is more robust than on standard "cellidor" handled models for extra hard use, while the awl features a wickedly needle-like point and a sharpened reaming edge that may be used as a firesteel striker. The textured aluminum "Alox" scales are both durable and afford extra grip in wet or muddy conditions, and the saw cuts on both the push and pull stroke.

A classic of the outdoors community, and a common addition to survival kits of all sizes!

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