Vintage American Scythe #1--Seymour SN-1

Vintage American Scythe #1--Seymour SN-1
Item# Scythe1

Product Description

This unit is a vintage Seymour snath paired with a TrueTemper "Briar Edge" bush blade.

The dimensions of the snath were overbuilt and have been thinned and evened. The form was oval in most places from where it had been factory sanded to remove partial delamination marks and the original assembly job involved bending the nib bands into odd shapes to fit the shape of the out-of-round snath, rendering them unable to be repositioned. The cross section has been shaved to round and the nib bands reshaped appropriately so it can now be adjusted (though we have them firmly tightened in the positioning we consider best for the ergonomics of a person of average height.) The collar has had the fit tightened for wobble-free mowing.

After a thorough sanding of the wooden components and electrolysis/wire brushing/lacquering of the metal hardware the snath and nibs were given several coats of red paint followed by a hand-brushed white neck band and 3 coats of hard clear lacquer. The blade has had the tang heated and pitched properly to adjust the lay (especially important for wide blades) then given the electrolysis/wire brush/lacquer treatment followed by careful grinding and polishing of the edge, and a final lacquer coat.

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