Vintage American Scythe #9 -- Five Caged Doves

Vintage American Scythe #9 -- Five Caged Doves
Item# Scythe9

Product Description

This scythe is an exceptionally light and balanced example of the American pattern, weighing only 4lb 4oz, including the elegant 30" grass blade. It takes its name from the emblem adorning the snath, a sand dollar flanked by branches of Irish moss seaweed. Sand dollars, when broken open, reveal 5 tiny white bones that resemble doves in flight. The undulating form of the snath and the sea of grass it mows draws many aesthetic parallels to the ocean even for those far inland, and this scythe is a tribute to it.

Lovingly shaved down from an already light Derby & Ball swing socket snath and outfitted with a blade of unknown make, but of very high quality and good form. The blade's tang bears a letter P on one side and a 42 on the other, and has had the angle adjusted for proper lay for general mowing for persons of average height. The edge has been fully reground and honed to a razor-like state. The nibs on the snath are both entirely original with no cracks present in the wood whatsoever. The collar end of the snath has had the wood expertly restored and reinforced to provide generations of enjoyment. All metal parts have been electrolytically cleaned and clear coated for protection against rust.

We suggest this scythe be used by sensible mowers who are aware of the gentle touch used with the tool, as the work done to lighten it does make this unit more likely to be damaged by those who mistake a scythe for a golf club or axe. A rowing or broom-like arcuate motion with the weight of the tool on the ground is all that is required if the edge is kept properly keen.

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