Vintage American Scythe #7-- Sta-Tite No.50~I.B.S.

Vintage American Scythe #7-- Sta-Tite No.50~I.B.S.
Item# Scythe7

Product Description

A restored No.50~I.B.S. "Improved Back Saver" snath by the Sta-Tite Snath Co. of Shelbyville, Indiana. The finish has been left completely bare for the end user to do up as they like.

All iron/steel components have been electrolytically cleansed of rust and given a coat of clear lacquer. The nibs have been replaced using the original nib blocks, and the thread left long so that final adjustments may be made to bring the depth of draw where it is needed to perfectly match the biometrics of the user. A wooden wedge has also been fit inside the hollow Back Saver heel plate for additional support under compression, and the collar assembly fastened with a new hand-set rivet.

The blade is a pre-1940's North Wayne Tool Co. grass blade of what appears to be laminated construction. Only a faint partial stamping can be seen on the upward-facing side of the tang, but it is consistent with the markings of other NWT Co. blades of the period. A good slender blade with a strong heel and good moderate curvature. The blade has had all bends and twists "ironed out" and the edge and toe fully dressed. The edge has been ground thin on a traditional water-cooled grinding wheel and then honed to hair-shaving sharpness. The tang has been heated and bent to the proper angle for good blade lay; heat was applied via induction heating to preserve heat treatment.

For some unknown purpose, perhaps for hanging on a nail in storage, a previous owner drilled a hole through the tang of the blade. They were mindful of what they were doing, however, as they placed it in a region where it causes the least structural disruption, and the tang is still quite strong in spite of it.

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