Vintage American Scythe #6--"Nightshade" Derby & Ball Swing Socket

Vintage American Scythe #6--"Nightshade" Derby & Ball Swing Socket
Item# Scythe6

Product Description

This wonderful scythe features an early example of a grass snath by the legendary Derby & Ball, likely dating to the 1890's by our best estimates.

The snath has been given a full work-over, including electrolytic rust removal on all iron components, shaving and sanding of the wood to remove age-induced wear and tear, careful refit of the hardware for a professional and tight fit, and replacement of the damaged nibs (but preserving the original iron nib blocks.) This snath model features Derby & Ball's famous swing socket for maximum flexibility in adjusting the hafting angle of the blade to suit the preference of the mower.

The snath has been given a painting both for decoration and protection from the moisture commonly encountered during mowing. The carefully painted emblem emblazoned on the neck of the snath displays the fruit and leaves of the deadly nightshade plant.

The blade we have paired with this unit is a gorgeous grass blade by the North Wayne Tool Co. of Oakland, Maine, dating to pre-1940's manufacture (most likely somewhere between 1910-1930 by our estimation.) The blade has been given a full electrolytic rust removal treatment, had its profile restored, and the tang angle adjusted for proper edge presentation. The blade displays a lovely crown (a gradual lift of the blade as it approaches the point) and some faint traces of the original gold factory paint remain intact.

With the blade being of slim dimension, we have sharpened the edge through contact-grinding, much like the manner in which a straight razor is honed, yielding an incredibly fine edge for close-cropped swaths and an effortless stroke.

This is a scythe for the true enthusiast, and is bound to please even the most seasoned veteran of the hay fields.

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