Vintage American Scythe #4--Derby & Ball Swing Socket

Vintage American Scythe #4--Derby & Ball Swing Socket
Item# Scythe4

Product Description

This wonderful unit is outfitted with a snath by the legendary Derby & Ball snath company of Bellows Falls, Vermont. America's oldest and greatest snath manufacturer until their unfortunate closure in the years after World War II due to the decline of their market.

This example is technically a bush snath, but it has been paired with a blade that has been tuned for lawn work. We have also shaved down the thickness of the snath to provide a good balance between lawn use and heavier-duty tasks. All that would need to be done to use it for weeds or light brush is to swap out the blade for a weed or bush blade with a less aggressive tang angle.

The snath has been given a full restoration, beginning with complete disassembly and cleaning of the iron fittings through electrolytic rust removal. The wood has been shaved down to remove surface delamination marks and then sanded. The upper nib was in unsalvageable condition and was replaced with a modern Seymour nib using the original nib block. The neck and butt of the snath have been painted a rich dark field green for protection from moisture during mowing or field sharpening, as well as an all-over clear coat. The hafting collar features Derby & Ball's patented swing socket design, allowing for a tremendous degree of control over the hang of the blade to suit your preference.

The blade is of unknown make, but very fine quality, in the style known as a "Dutch heel" grass blade due to the broad flare at the base of the blade. This terminates the cut very aggressively and also lends additional strength when using the heel of the blade to cut weeds like goldenrod. The blade also features very strong curvature that further contributes to a vigorous and dynamic cut. The tang has been angled to lay parallel with the ground when used with this snath, yielding a very uniform and close-cropped cut. The shoulder of the tang is also quite broad, for exceptional strength. Fully restored, sharpened, and ready to mow!

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