TrueTemper Briar Edge Bush Blade #1

TrueTemper Briar Edge Bush Blade #1
Item# TTBriarEdgeBush1

Product Description

TrueTemper Briar Edge Bush Blade #1
This lovely little blade is ready to mow! After having been given a full electrolytic rust removal treatment the blade has been reshaped and honed to a fine and polished edge. The tang has had the pitch adjusted to allow the blade to ride more parallel with the ground for excellent performance mowing woody stemmed plants and dense reedy growth--but you may be surprised at how it performs on grasses in spite of its robust build!

The TrueTemper Briar Edge line featured nice hard steel and this example features some of the nicer forging found in the series. An extension of the rib into the shank of the tang, mimicking the famous "Monitor heel" pioneered by the North Wayne Tool Co., lends additional rigidity to the shank without the addition of weight--but being a bush blade in build means the tang itself is quite robust in its own right! The broad blade features a relatively thin web for a bush blade, which allows for an exceptionally thin and keen edge without having to grind against the chine or the backside of the rib during periodic regrinding.

A fine example of the style, and a lovely blade for mowing mixed growth in a variety of conditions--especially where there is little room for a longer blade, such as amongst garden beds. A fine choice for beginners or veterans alike!

Weight: 2.0 lbs.

Heel to Toe: 17"

Overall Length: 20 and 3/4"

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